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Eliminates Bloating, Cleanses Colon, and Keeps Perfect Skin with Berry Cleanze

Berry Cleanze Bundle

Berry Cleanze Bundle


Berry Cleanze Bundle


Berry Cleanze contains everything that’s good for you and helps you get rid of everything that’s bad for you. It’s the ultimate super detox drink — the method to a healthier, fitter, stronger and slimmer you.

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See Key Ingredients

Each sachets contains:


Reduce a bloated belly caused by junk food or irregular meals
Fight inflammation Fight inflammation
Overcome the constant feeling of fatigue and lethargy
Regulate healthy bowel movements and remove constipation Regulate healthy bowel movements and remove constipation
Improve the body's absorption of nutrients
Prevents gallstones by removing excess cholesterol Prevents gallstones by removing excess cholesterol
Cure skin problems that are related to the guts (Eczema, breakouts, or dull skin)

How to Consume

1 sachet per day. Consume with 3 Simple Steps!

Mix 1 sachet (12g) in a glass of plain water (300ml) at room temperature. Stir and consume immediately. For best results, follow up with an additional glass of water. 1 sachet is recommended per day.

It's that simple!

Stay Afresh, Feel Renewed!

Due to our modern sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits, we are constantly introducing toxins into our body. By stimulating the peristaltic action, Berry Cleanze is specially formulated to flush out the toxic residue with its purifying qualities by supporting the body's natural cleansing process. Furthermore, when toxins are eliminated on a constant basis, it gives our body a greater opportunity to heal and self-repair. Be cleansed, improve your body's absorption of nutrients & feel difference with a renewed sense of well-being.


7 Signs You Need To Detox

1. Constant Fatigue

2. Autoimmune Problems

3. Skin Issues

4. Difficulty Concentrating

5. Frequent Headaches

6. Trouble Losing Weight

7. Sleep Problems

Moneyback Guarantee

We’re so confident Berry Cleanze will change your life that we’ll give you a FULL REFUND if it doesn’t.

Order now with complete confidence and if it’s not for you, just send us the empty box and we’ll give you your money back within 60 days

One Delicious Mix A Day Is All You Need To Transform Your Health!

Whether you’re struggling with constipation, sluggishness, stubborn fat, bloat, or nutrient deficiencies, our dairy-free, laxative-free and berry extracts formula will put you on the right track.


What other concerns do you have? Reach out to us via Live Chat at the bottom right corner!

Try Berry Cleanze for 60 days and get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

There’s absolutely no risk on your part, and we can make that guarantee because we know you will love it as soon as you try it.
Results may vary across individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Berry Cleanze Gluten Free?

Yes. The harvested berries and other vegetables are organic and free from gluten.

Why is Berry Cleanze the best in the market?

Using Germany's cutting edge technology, our super formula has taken us over a year to perfect. We took the time to test hundreds of ingredient combinations to bring you the very best in a plant-based nutritional detox supplement. Not only did we make sure you were getting all of the best superfoods, we went beyond to make sure you were only getting the best non-GMO and 100% organic ingredients. There’s nothing that even comes close to fruity blend, it removes harmful toxins, boosts energy and reduces inflammation. It also helps greatly in promoting fat loss, eases digestion and eliminates bloats.

Which other country, other Singapore, do you ship to currently?

We ship worldwide with the same shipping fee of only SGD$5. We believe that everyone from all over the world should consume the best hence we do not mind absorbing the rest of the shipping costs.

How big is a box?

1 box contains 15 sachets (15 days worth).

Nutritional Facts

Is Berry Cleanze right for me?

Yes, certainly. Berry Cleanze is great for everybody. Especially those who choose to take their health to the next level. It’s great for many reasons, not to mention it’s great for those that aren't getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. Most of us don’t have the time to juice more than 1 superfoods every single day, this all-in-one superfood powder allows you to get all of the benefits without spending all of the time it takes to shop, juice, and of course clean up.

What if I don't like the taste?

Maybe not everyone likes berries, but we're sure everyone likes the taste of Berry Cleanze. We spent over a year to perfect the incorporation of both the delicious taste and nutritional benefits!

Doesn't your body naturally detox it’s own?

Yes, of course it does. However, due to our modern sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits, we are constantly introducing toxins into our body. By stimulating the peristaltic action, Berry Cleanze is specially formulated to flush out the toxic residue with its purifying qualities by supporting the body's natural cleansing process. Furthermore, when toxins are eliminated on a constant basis, it gives our body a greater opportunity to heal and self-repair!

Can I return it if I don't like it?

We cannot take opened containers back, it’s unsanitary. However, if you haven’t open the box and would like a refund, please send it back to us accompanied by an email to and we will quickly and painlessly take care of your request. The refund will take place once we have received the unopened container back at our facility.

Will Berry Cleanze help me lose weight?

Well, we have success stories which proved that it works!

Can I use Berry Cleanze as a meal replacement?

NO! There is no such thing as replacing a meal with a supplement. Supplements are supposed to be used in conjunction with a wholesome foods diet. If you are in a hurry, or in extreme situations only, feel free to use it in such a way - it’s certainly better than not eating. If your nutrition is solid throughout the day and you would like to use Berry Cleanze to put yourself in a calorie deficit (particularly good for fat loss), it is to occasionally use it in place of a meal. We highly advise against doing this everyday.

Will Berry Cleanze really give me more energy?

Yes. But, diet and lifestyle also play a huge role here! If you are eating a primarily whole foods diet, and exercising at least 3 times per week (any form of exercises), you can expect to see an increase in energy from Berry Cleanze.

Will Berry Cleanze fix my digestive issues?

Yes, we do have cases where customers' digestive issues are fixed. However, there are a lot of factors that play a role with digestive issues, everything from the prescription meds that you may be taking, to the foods you eat. If you’re eating a diet consisting of heavily processed foods and grains it will be tough for a supplement to work the way you need in order to feel your best.

What does it mean to detox?

Detoxing is the process your body goes through when it removes and expels toxins once you are no longer bombarding your system with toxic substances. Toxic substances may include chemicals (pesticides, fungicides, food colorings, MSG) and certain food ingredients (refined sugar, refined wheat, alcohol), from the air you breathe to the foods you consume they are everywhere and your body needs all the help it can get to fight them off!

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Customer Reviews

  1. Highly Recommended review by Andromeda Godit on 6/11/2019
    Product Value

    I tried out Neu3Plus Berry Cleanze the other day and it tasted really fruity! :) I like my drinks chilled so I mixed it with cold water. Felt much better and lighter after the detoxing. Thanks, Berry Cleanze! I'll definitely recommend to my friends!

  2. You won't believe it until you try review by Rebecca on 5/30/2019
    Product Value

    You really won't believe me until you try. The effect is almost instant, like same-day detox. What's better, the after-effect of detoxing is just simply a relaxing, stress-free feeling.

  3. WOW! Super Good! review by Zachary on 5/27/2019
    Product Value

    Bought this last month, drank it on the same day. The effect came a few hours later, and the feeling was super good! I had this for a month now and I lost some weight!!

  4. As described. review by Joharis on 5/24/2019
    Product Value

    Very effective. 1 sachet and I felt so much better already.. I like the fact that it is halal certified in germany. I will continue to take and also intro my sisters.

  5. Love it review by Momo on 5/22/2019
    Product Value

    Delivery was on time. Customer service was great. Super effective on the first try. The feeling very nice after detox.. :)

  6. Very Good review by Atiqah on 5/13/2019
    Product Value

    I tried one sachet... and it was really effective. The detox process was great. But I think it'll taste better with cold water :>

  7. Will recommend! review by Clairie Koh on 4/29/2019
    Product Value

    After having my first try, I can feel that all the toxins are purged form my body. For the entire day I feel lighter and fresher. Will continue on with this to see if there are any weight loss!

  8. Detox was great, taste like fruits too review by Adrian Lam on 4/29/2019
    Product Value

    I was recommended by a friend of mine to try this - after failing to keep my discipline with cardio exercises. I was 81 kg and had lost 2 kg so far after taking for a month. I will continue with the progress!

  9. Effective.. review by Jayden Tan on 4/26/2019
    Product Value

    Very effective.. Just 1 sachet and I feel the difference the next day. Will buy again..

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