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Super Joints Collagen

Super Joints Collagen

©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen

What is ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen is a 100% Pure Active Collagen Peptides food supplement made in Germany. ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen contains high concentrations of important amino acids which helps in promoting joint growth. The amino acid composition in Pure Active Collagen Peptides is similar to collagen and therefore helps to stimulate cartilage regeneration. Pure Active Collagen Peptides is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen-containing tissue from the bovine hides of healthy animals to help facilitate its absorption into the blood stream. Pure Active Collagen Peptides is also an effective supplement that helps to nourish body tissues, cartilages, bones, tendons, ligaments, hair, nails and skin.

Why take ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

Our joints undergo a tremendous amount of stress over its lifetime. The stress placed on our joints means that they are prone to damage in the longer term as cartilage is worn out and sometimes even lost. After the age of 25, the rate of collagen production starts to fall. When this happens, you experience cartilage degeneration. With the ongoing wear-tear in the joints, it may lead to joint problems like deformities and osteoarthritis.

Warning Signs of Joint Problems

  • Pain during exercise
  • Swollen Joints
  • Restricted movement
  • Stiff Joints (Especially in the morning)
  • Instability in the joints
  • Grinding sensation in the joints
  • Tension in muscle and tendons

Who should take ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

  • Those with osteoarthritis, skeletal deformities and abnormal joint positions
  • Senior citizens
  • Individuals who participate in strenuous sports and activities (eg. occupations involve carrying heavy weights)
  • Overweight individuals
  • Those with traumatic injuries

When should I start taking ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

The earlier the better! Our daily activities causes wear and tear in the joints and loss of collagen which may result in joint problems. By taking ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen, you provide your body with the essential tools for repairing and rebuilding of healthy and new joint cartilage, keeping joint diseases and osteoporosis away from you.

How should I take ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

1 sachet per day, anytime of the day. Mix 1 sachet into a full glass of water, fruit juices or any drink. Consume immediately after mixing.

Research shows that symptoms may re-occur if use of the supplement is discontinued due to the constant breakdown and regeneration of collagen

Is ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen a steroid or pain killer?

No. ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen is a food supplement, not a drug.

I'm currently on medication, can I still take ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

Yes. ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen do not have any adverse interactions with current medications available in the market. However we do advise to always seek advice from your medical doctor prior to intake.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects. ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen is safe for long term consumption. Some clinical studies have reported increased flatulence and diarrhea but such cases are extremely rare and isolated.


Can pregnant women and children consume ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

Adolescents, diabetics, obese people can all consume ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen. However, for pregnant women, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen

Who should take ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen?

©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen is for anyone who is age 14 & above and desires to maintain healthy bones & joints.

  • Highly recommended for elderly
  • Postmenopausal women
  • Individuals with insufficient Omega 3 fatty acids, K2 & Vitamin D in their daily food intake
  • Growing teenagers above age of 14 as bone development is crucial
  • When is the best to consume ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen?

    For best absorption, consume ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen once per day after a meal

    How long before I see any effects?

    Result varies across individuals. We highly recommend daily consumption of ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen for optimal bone and joint health benefits.

    Can I take ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen with ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen?

    Yes, you can take ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen with ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen. ©Neu3plus Super Bones Collagen supports bone health while ©Neu3plus Super Joints Collagen helps your joint cartilage. You will have a comprehensive bone & joint care health supplement.